The Journey Begins


Why this blog? I am having an amazing journey through the world of PowerApps and Flow. This  platform has enabled the non-programmers/citizen developers like me to develop apps easily to simplify business processes(and sometimes just to have some “Nerdy Fun”). This blog is for the community to benefit from and to learn what I have already explored. Why “That API Guy”? One of the game-changing feature that was introduced by PowerApps and Flow was the ability to return data back to PowerApps from a Flow. This makes it possible to connect to any of the available APIs on the internet and get a plethora of data from these APIs (like Restaurant data from Yelp, Movie data, Walmart data, etc.) into PowerApps and boom! you can integrate multiple of these data-sets into one app or make it interact with your own data. Possibilities are endless! By now, you can realize that I am crazy about APIs and that’s why the name. I hope this blog helps all those who are either new to the platform or want to do some amazing (read cool/crazy) things with PowerApps and Flow.

Making the world a better place one PowerApp at a time!

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